Oblique (IN)

Pe _ Fri 21:00:00

"I like strange audio visual things and have a passion for technology.

Currently expanding my skills in new media, learning programming, hardware and techniques of audio synthesis.

I come from a filmmaking background, more specifically video post production. As video post production styles are often dictated by production, I have worked on a wide range of (mostly) short format video content and coincidentally many have revolved around music. I have been an editor on shows like The Dewarists and MTV Sound Trippin as well as having provided post production solutions to music videos and music documentary projects for Your Chin, The Ganesh Talkies, Red Bull Media House, Indian Ocean, etc.

Oblique is my live and experimental visuals project. Coming from a video post production background, I have adapted traditional video creating techniques to a live format, essentially for music events. Building cinematic visuals, combining black and white footage with geometry and dashes of colour, my visuals showcase a style old and new. I have worked extensively with Indian indie acts like Your Chin, Madboy/Mink, Nicholson, Frame/Frame and Sickflip among others and have provided visuals for festivals and showcases like Magnetic Fields festival, Bacardi NH7 Weekender, The Exchange X AVA and Krunk and OML showcases at ADE Global Sessions. Last year, I also released his solo audio visual EP, Berlin: Not At War and was featured on Superdry Krunk Live Sessions on Pepsi MTV Indies as a visual artist."